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About DVM Calc

DVM Calc is the most comprehensive little animal veterinary calculator available for veterinarians, veterinary medical students, and veterinary technicians. Developed by a group of veterinary specialists and emergency veterinarians, this app includes 26 practical calculators, 15 specific constant rate infusion calculators, and 10 toxicity calculators. Every individual calculator contains an info sheet to explain the calculations. A useful “Notes” page is also included, which allows the user to enter, save and edit notes on multiple patients (up to 300 words/patient). A specific section is included for patient name, signalment and admit date. A basic numerical calculator is also included within the app to let the user to carry out extra calculations, when necessary, without closing the app to begin a separate calculator.

DVM Calc includes:
• Calculators
• A-a Gradient
• Anesthetic Preparation
• Anion Gap
• Bicarbonate Deficit
• Blood Transfusion Dose
• Body Surface Area
• Corrected Sodium
• Dehydration Deficit
• Drip Rate Calculator
• Enteral Feeding Calculator
• Fractional Excretion of Sodium
• Free Water Deficit
• Gestation “Wheel”
• Maintenance Fluid Rate
• Metabolic Weight
• Osmolality, Effective Osmolality and Osmolar Gap
• Percent Solution Conversion/Calculator
• Plasma Transfusion Dose/Albumin Deficit
• Potassium Supplementation Calculator
• Shock Fluid Doses – Isotonic, Synthetic Colloids, and Hypertonic Saline
• Surgical Blood Loss Calculator
• Temperature Conversion
• Weight Conversions – kg/g/lb/oz

Constant Rate Infusions – Full concentration or diluted within IV fluids
Specific CRI Drugs (pre-set dosage recommendations) include:
• Diazepam
• Diltiazem
• Dobutamine
• Dopamine
• Fentanyl – dilute
• Fentanyl – full concentration
• Insulin
• Isoproterenol
• Ketamine
• Lidocaine
• Metoclopramide
• Morphine
• Morphine/Lidocaine/Ketamine (MLK)
• Procainamide
• Propofol

• Emergency Drug Calculator (CPR) – dog or cat specific and includes:
Epinephrine (high and low dose)
Sodium Bicarbonate
Calcium Gluconate
Magnesium Sulfate
Defibrillation (internal and external)
Crystalloid Fluid Rates – shock dose and maintenance
Hetastarch Rates – shock dose and maintenance

Toxicity Calculators – include:
• Acetaminophen
• Amphetamines
• Chocolate/Methylxanthines
• Cyanide
• Ethylene Glycol
• Metaldehyde
• Rodenticides
• Strychnine
• Xylitol

• Notes – Notes may be entered, saved and edited for every specific patient.

• Basic Numerical Calculator – The basic numerical calculator will perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Exponents, square roots and other higher math calculations are not supported.

This app is intended for clinical use by veterinarians, veterinary students, and veterinary technicians. The included calculations are to be used as a resource with the understanding that the user’s medical knowledge and clinical judgment may supersede the output information. Like any tool, it is never a substitute for clinical judgment. Each effort has been created to ensure the accuracy of DVM Calc’s content, but all results must be confirmed before use. By purchasing this app the user releases the designers/developers/sellers from liability.

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